Custom Pet Print Phone Case
Custom Pet Print Phone Case
Custom Pet Print Phone Case
Custom Pet Print Phone Case
Custom Pet Print Phone Case
Custom Pet Print Phone Case
Custom Pet Print Phone Case
Custom Pet Print Phone Case
Custom Pet Print Phone Case
Custom Pet Print Phone Case
Custom Pet Print Phone Case
Custom Pet Print Phone Case
Custom Pet Print Phone Case
Custom Pet Print Phone Case
Custom Pet Print Phone Case
Custom Pet Print Phone Case
Custom Pet Print Phone Case
Custom Pet Print Phone Case
Custom Pet Print Phone Case

pet artists uk

pet artists uk

Background Color
Light Blue
Light Pink
Light Green

A one of a kind custom phone case with your beloved fur baby printed on to it. A Printy Pets phone case makes the perfect, thoughtful gift for yourself or for others.

Just upload a photo of your pet, and our award winning artists will create a masterpiece you're sure to fall in love with.

We'll carefully print your pet using a smooth, matte effect, and create a unique phone case just for you. Our cases are lightweight, scratch resistant and incredibly durable, and will protect your phone all day long.

Here's what @yanksgal23 had to say about her phone case: "Hey  you really captured my grouchy expression and now servant will have me with her at all times! As she should!"

  • Solid, durable back with transparent sides
  • Flexible, rigid sides
  • Take on and off with ease
  • Precisely aligned port openings for camera, charging and headphones
  • You upload a photo, and we print your pet on to a Printy Pets phone case to create one of a kind product, like nothing else you've ever seen.

pet artists uk

Was hoping the id slot was removable but otherwise a decent wallet. Wish it was a tiny bit smaller.
These shorts are awesome! Will be ordering more. Super light weight and comfortable!
Great Quality and Looks Adorable
very pretty. received many compliments. a little bulky and cannot wear to work as i have to use gloves while working in a microbiology lab. it makes my hand very uncomfortable. other than that, no complaints.
maybe im just getting used to them, but they ride way up my thighs and feels like im just wearing whitey tightys
Just what I needed thank you.
I love these wallets I have bought many of them for gifts and everyone has loved them
Easy to adjust. Quality materials. Nice fit.
Great fit and great look, lenses arent quite as dark as I thought.
Lots of room love the colors very sturdy has a shoulder strap you can leave on or take off it so nice I bought one for my daughter also and its a good value
I gave it 4 stars because the material is pron to snagging if you do physical labor. If you sit at a desk or around the house you should be fine. Overall for the price it seems to be a good value.
Good buy
Gave as a gift, its so pretty on her bracelet! I was worried it would be too Christmas-y, but its not, its perfect!
V. Comfortable
Love em
I like these short because they are long enough that my rear doesn't show when I bend over to pick up tools. I'm sure everyone around me appreciates it too. :)
Product arrived on time. Rec'd 5 t-shirts: 3 Black and 2 grey. Quality and length seems good. The reason i did not give it 5 stars was the size of the V-neck (opening) is bigger than expected and previous review stated same. Overall still a good product for price.
Medium is a large but I am sure it will shrink.m
This isnt the first pair I have bought my husband. These pants are used to work in. They are very durable and the color doesnt show a lot of stains.
I love this bracelet.
I really like this wallet! Plenty of spots to put cards and money
Love, love, love the bag! The first bag I ordered was for a gift. I have ordered another one for myself.
On the picture, it looks bigger with more room in it! The side pocket is too small/narrow for water bottles... I don't like the make of the zipper as everytime I try to open it and insert my hand, it scratches my hand and I feel it's a bit tight!
It's perfect in the snow and rain. The strap is long so it's adjustable!
I just received it and the key chain on the outside already broke. Very disappointing.
They are great!
I have worn Chums rope style eyeglass retainers for about 6 years now and have only gone through 2 pairs. They hold up and work great. However I have owned 1 other pair that I never wore and now this pair that I will also never wear. This product like the other I never wore is super long. The rope goes below my shoulders in the back and it looks ridiculous. I had always wondered why the one pair was super long and have ordered 1 of those pairs from Amazon so figured ordering here again id get the right size however I have now found they also come in a "childs size" which is a 9in long rope while this is 12.5in (When doubled back the way its worn) So unless your head is the size of Godzilla I see no reason youd need a rope over a foot long to get this around your head. I am returning these and ordering the "Childrens" size.
As advertised these jeans are great!!. Comfortable and relaxed for the mature body and I highly recommend these jeans.
Fit as expected and as advertised .
Update: I enjoy my bag so much that I ordered another one for my daughter, this time in tomato red (I had bought the tan for myself). The new bag is lovely, but I would not call it "tomato red"; it's more of a coral, which will actually suit her better. Still, I'm recommending this bag hands-down, just a note about the color of this one.
Original review: I love this bag! It's so roomy and opens so wide that I don't need to have interior pockets; it's easy to look through. I love the little attached mini purse; I keep my garage door remote in it and never have to hunt for it when I'm needing itit also holds a pen and lipgloss and a few other small items. For its size, this bag is very lightweight and comfortable to carry; it's not weighted down by additional hardware or interior pockets. I've received many compliments on this bag. I enjoy it so much, I just ordered another one.
My husband hasn't had a pair of jeans since he wore out his last pair~4 years ago.