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crappy. see through plastic. had sharp edges that scratched my temples when putting on. very see through, not dark at all. felt very cheap, disappointing.
Very comfortable! Nice colors. Will buy more
Works great so far. I wish that it was a little bit looser. I have loss of movement in one of my thumbs and it makes it a bit difficult to get stuff out. However that does mean that it won’t fall out by itself if I drop it. This eliminates the need of a purse or a huge wallet for me. I can just throw it into my pocket and I’m good to go.
Fit good. Came in the mail quickly. I would buy again
Had to return because it didn't fit me, but very good looking hat.
Fit fine
Not what I wanted
wow, i am impressed with this company. a friend showed me his new light weight rain suit when we picking mushrooms in the pnw. i was a bit skeptical that this suit would hold up, the material reminds me of tyvex. this suit should hold up well for most users, i keep a set as a bob item, very light weight compared to other rain systems.
Perfect to take to meetings
I needed a purse for when I go back to school, its stylish and it fits all of my books and make up! Might just get one in pink or coffee brown
I really like these they don’t change colors because they are stainless steel but the backs work off. I have lost several because I didn’t know they were lose
Rides low in the back.
Will not close fully loaded!
Love it and it has tons of room.
Good colors, and material
Comfortable . fit well and nice and thick
Great sock!!
My daughter is very long legged but she's super tiny from the waist so finding leggings that actually fit her perfectly is always hard but these pair were perfect.
Loved ordering on amazon-Great prices-great products!
These sunglasses are absolutely stylish, they make me look handsome. And go with any outfits.
Comfortable and durable.
it's just great. The wallet isn't large, so it's easy for me to put it in my purse or my pocket. But it comfortably fits credit cards and cash. It looks great too. I highly suggest it.
The backs do not stay on very well...disppointed...they were for my girl's but the backs keep falling off of them.
Great sweat shirt for the price!!
I have two legit pairs of this specific model and I love them. The one I recieved from here appears to have the same build quality but are not identical. The frame is darker ( which I really like actually) and the numbers/markings on the temples are a variation of other models (from what I have been able to compare online). All and all I would say these are most likely authentic parts pieced together to form this pair of glasses.

Overall satisfied, I'll see if they hold up as well as the authentic ones I have.
I ordered a grey large hoodie! I got a gray sweatshirt instead. The picture i ordered clearly showed a man wearing a hoodie. I was so upset just gave it to a friends son
One of the only brands I buy for years now. They're comfortable, nice fit and last long. I'm a 36 for shorts / pants. The 32/34 m fits perfectly for boxers.
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