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I love this bag because it has plenty of room inside. It is a bag to use for any occasion.
He liked the slim convince of this wallet.
I saw this bag on other websites for $80-$180 and when I told you I was so happy to fine this bag!!! I ordered the small which can fit a book, wallet, gum and a phone and it came with 2 scarfs and a bookmark which is so cute. The shipping was fast as well.
Great fit,I like the material,really comfortable
I purchased this to replace the one my new puppy decided to teethe on! It's just what I wanted with plenty of room for everything I want/need to carry, without being bulky.
Bought this for my wife, her only complaint was it's too slick.
I love the hat but it came in an Amazon box that was too small for the hat without bending it. I'm hoping it will straighten out. I'm really surprised at Amazon for shipping like that.
Loved it!! Amazing quality
Very nice comfy briefs. I like the cut. Slightly more sporty than regular old man briefs. I'd never tried this brand before, but at 6 per pack and no crazy colors forced on you I'm throwing away all my old briefs and converting.
I needed an eyeglass holder, this fit the bill.
Company bugged me for review. It was not a freebie!
I have purchased Thorlos socks from the store in the past, and even though I've had them for two years they are still everything that the advertised socks I bought 'Are Not'. My old socks are thick, cushy, comfortable, and white. The Thorlos I bought here on line were 'Not' as thick, 'Not' as cushy, 'Not' as comfortable, and definitely 'Not' as white. They are a dingy cream colored light beige, and positively not white. After wearing one set of socks for the first time, one sock was already beginning to fray around the toes and have some of the woven fiber start coming loose. At the beginning of the day they weren't as thick and cushy as my old socks, and at the end of the day I felt zero cush in them. My older socks still start ot thick and cushy at the beginning of the day, and at the days end they are still thick and cushy. I don't know if the company changed the way they make these socks or if I got some type of knock off socks delivered to my house. But I was thoroughly disappointed after paying $150 for twelve sets of socks. I love Amazon, but I will definately 'Not' buy this sock on line again.
My bf loves it. Lovely quality and its thin and perfect
Great quality
My husband hates wallets. He thinks they are bulky and would rather just jumble cards and money in his pocket. I bought him this wallet for Fathers Day. HE LOVED IT!!! He even said, I really like my wallet he has NEVER said that about any gift I have ever bought him! Its just the right size, durable, and thin! Great buy!
Great summer bag! Love how it has a pocket inside but the lining cloth used is of lower quality and the ends of the rattan is displayed obviously at the surface if one would look a bit closer.
Love it. Great size. Everything fits in it. It's thin enough that it fits in every purse I own. Really pleased with it.
Perfect fit
Very thin as it should be and light weight. Definitely fits what I need better than any designer brand I have purchased before. Other wallets this size don't hold cash very well and this one does.
It arrived beat up, with the brim pushed in and the crown crushed. From what I understand the brim can be reshaped with steam, but the white "paint" or whatever is the coating is cracked apart where the hat is bent in or damaged, so even if it's shape was restored, it would look like junk. It's cheap, and I know you're supposed to get what you pay for, but even for the low price this just wasn't much good. I've got a return label printing now and I'm sending it back.
Bought this for my son who works in 90+ temps on asphalt. He is happy with the shape and protection for his neck.
It looks expensive, I love it and it is perfect for me and my travels.
Great shorts! I have some that are pushing 10 yrs old and still like new! The best "tactical" shorts out there
It is too stiff, maybe after a few months it will be more pliable. The pockets/slots for paper money are too short. It is a pretty wallet, but not very functional.
Nice product.
No disappointments here!
Happy with them
Great fit. I love it. Great for the Florida weather.
thin material
These were good pants at a great price
I just love my new vacation bag. Very pretty bag, highly recommend.