Overall the wallet feels very nice and the slim design is great. The lining in the sliding tab slot broke after a few months of use but this was covered under the warranty. The seller promptly sent me a new wallet.

I highly recommend working with this company and highly recommend the wallet.
My husband liked them. Just fit but wasn't too tight. Not as much give or Lycra in them as he would have liked
Love them. Very comfy and great fit!!
It broke. It sent it back the leather that connects the buckle is cheap and it ripped.
Nice shirt for running on hot days. Just don't like the tight collar when I sweat. Like the color.
Perfect oversized sweatshirt! I'm a female size 8/ML, got a male size 3X. It's super soft on my sensitive skin. Perfect to wear during hospital stays, and whenever else. It's super soft, big, and just super comfy, exactly what I needed. It's loose enough that I can layer it when that anemia chill kicks in, or I can just wear it alone if I am feverish. The only negative thing about it is that the stitching on the wrist area is very bad. But it's fast fashion, and only $8, so I don't really care, it doesn't scratch my sensitive skin so it's not a problem. It will be a staple for years to come for sure.
I like that the pocket for the phone is on your hip and not in front or back
I have been ordering these for years and appreciate how these generally hold up. I buy multiple sets and the same brand so missing and worn socks can be matched up vs being thrown away. The quality of this set is not what I have received in the past. I'm hoping it was a glitch and not a decline in the product from a couple years ago.
This is a beautiful necklace. I like its short length so it shows from high v-neck shirts.
Really like almost everything about the glasses. They're gorgeous and very lightweight. The wood is very comfortable, and they fit me snugly. Came with a wooden case and cloth carrying case which is nice, though I did not get any cleaning cloth as mentioned in some other reviews. Not really a deal breaker though lol.

The main reason why I would not rate this a 4 or 5 star product is because I feel somewhat mislead. I ordered the rose gold tinted glasses assuming everything would appear golden or rose toned. This is not the case. For whatever reason, while the front of the glasses are a beautiful rose gold color everything is tinted blue. From other reviews/questions I understand that the brown lenses are tinted brown, blue is blue, and the black lenses are also black. If that is the case, why are my glasses not golden tinted or rose tinted? If I had known this beforehand I would have just ordered the brown tinted glasses, as they were my second choice.

All in all, great glasses but really disappointed mine are tinted blue on the insides. :(
If your the type of person that sweats a lot and your doing an activity outside on a hot day, this will not help much. The headband is like a small piece of polyester with the idea that the evaporation process is faster than the amount of sweat that it soaks up.
That is fine if your in the gym lifting weights, or maybe a 'non sweater' that is running on a cold day.
I'm a cyclist and when your on a climb when it is over 80 degrees, you'll end up sweating a lot, much more than this head band can hold.
If you use it, you can always add another cotton bandanna and wring it out at the top of the climb. (On those long climbs when it's hot)
I ordered small and large, as I have a hard time visualizing size. Prime shipping was lightening fast. Out of the box quality seems great. Scarfs and small bookmarks were included as thank you gifts.
Large bag fits a bottle of Pellegrino, or a large water bottle.
Small bag fits a small bottle of water. See pictures.
A small bag fits inside a large bag for convenient storage.
Color is what I would call - honey spice. Very uniform. Small bag is a slightly darker.

I will be keeping both - small for going out, and a large one as a beach bag. It will not fit a towel, but will fit a large bottle of water, a sunblock, glasses and a book with ease, and it has wide enough slats, so you can just shake out the sand.
Works well
This is third order of this shirt both times before shirt held its shape and did not sag after a few minutes of wear. Disappointed with quality.
Love this necklace! I wear it often with no issues. Follow along on IG @bethany_bryson and the LTK app bethany_bryson
This bag is sturdy and good quality. I like the size. It's not heavy
Amazing quality craftsmanship and presentation. I love that its hand made in the USA. I would definitely recommend to anyone. Amazing product
The sicks are warm and comfortable, and they have a strong bottom for added comfort. I do plan on ordering more of these when I need more socks.
I love love love these pants!
Size and quality as described. I received different colors from the photo, disappointed that is not as expected.
Simple high quality belt.
Purchased this for dress belt use-too wide for that application. But great quality leather and simple buckle design. Decided to keep it for casual use. They should make a thinner version for dress use.
Very nice wallet for the price. Will be buying another one. Thanks so much!
I bought this as a gift for my daughter (40's) and she loved the color and size so much.
Lucky me! I got to give it to her. An inside pocket was just the right size for her cellphone to be handy
but not in the bottom of her purse.
The information wasn't misleading and the packaging kept the items in good condition. I haven't used them a whole lot so I do not know how durable they are, but they feel like they will last a while.
Item was well made easy to adjust and looks good .Would recomend. Gerry May
Perfect!! On time, Good quality for the price .
Photo shows long sleeves which is what I wanted. The shirt you sent has short sleeves. Since I was traveling internationally, I did not have time to make the change before the trip but I am not happy.
Husband likes
Very nice socks. Cushiony and soft.