Premium Pet Portrait Mug
Premium Pet Portrait Mug
Premium Pet Portrait Mug
Premium Pet Portrait Mug
Premium Pet Portrait Mug
Premium Pet Portrait Mug
Premium Pet Portrait Mug
Premium Pet Portrait Mug
Premium Pet Portrait Mug
Premium Pet Portrait Mug
Premium Pet Portrait Mug
Premium Pet Portrait Mug

i love u canvas painting

i love u canvas painting

Background Color
Light Blue
Light Green
Light Pink

Say hello to your new favorite mug!

Introducing our brand new Premium Pet Portrait Mug! Similar to our popular Pet Print Mug, our premium offering features an incredibly detailed vector art portrait of your pet, printed on the bottom of the product, creating a lovely 'sitting' pet effect!

Drinking from a durable, glossy mug with a custom piece of pet art printed on it is the perfect way to start your day. Whether you keep your mug at home, or you use it at work, your beloved pet will keep you company every time you take a sip.

Print your pet on to a sturdy mug that can be put in the microwave and dishwasher again and again, without losing any of its vivid print quality.

Our Printy Pets mug makes the perfect gift for yourself or for others.

i love u canvas painting

  • Ceramic
  • Glossy white 11oz mug
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • Printed in the USA and Europe
  • We take a photo of your pet you upload and create a digital piece of art to be printed onto your Printy Pets product. 

i love u canvas painting

I liked the look of quality and that it's spacious without being bulky. It isn't too big for medium and up size purses. It can be carried in a small purse, but that is all that you are going to get in the purse. I like knowing that it's RFID blocking, especially when I'm traveling.
I have worn the Short Crew Goldtoe socks for at least 25 years since I was a kid and my mom would buy them at Marshall Field's. I have always loved these socks. They used to be made in the USA up until shortly after the year 2000, I think around 2004 they switched to Mexico and the quality dropped, but they were still good socks and I kept buying them (I honestly don't care where they are made, but it sucks when the quality drops when they move production to another country...why can't the quality stay the same??). Now, fast forward to today, I ordered these socks and they are NOTHING like the Short Crew I have been wearing for over 25 years. These new ones are LONG, like regular crew, only slightly shorter than regular crew, and they are TIGHT, hurt my feet so bad, and they are now made in Honduras (again, I have nothing against where they are made, but it sucks to see that the quality dropped so horribly when production was moved from Mexico to Honduras currently).

I rarely post reviews on anything, but when a product I have loved so much has gone to heck, it saddens me and now I must find another brand, which has been difficult because most socks made today are low quality and tight, and come in only ankle length, or long crew right below knee (which is stupid). Like I said, I have worn Goldtoe Short Crew for over 25 years religiously, and I ain't exaggerating how bad these are. Attached are photos of my previous pair of Goldtoe Short Crew on the LEFT (made in Mexico for past 15 years) and these new versions made in Honduras on the RIGHT. You see how much narrower and longer these new ones are, making them painful and NOT short crew as advertised. I doubt anyone at Goldtoe cares, I doubt anyone there has worked the 25 years that I have worn these socks, so I know what I am talking about, and normally I wouldn't care and would just take my business elsewhere, but everyone has experienced this before, when a product they love and use all the time gets discontinued or drastically changed and you're like "what the heck? why can't these companies just leave it alone and keep it the way it has been, there was nothing wrong with it"
It slides quite easily which is different from some of my nechlaces
These socks are great. They do everything that they claim to do. ESPECIALLY the moisture wicking. I am a former HONORABLY DISCHARGED Desert Storm Marine Veteran and I wear these sock in the cold UPSTATE NY WINTER and my feet are dry and warm
I think these glasses really do help! After only a couple days of use, I actually started feeling tired at night. Usually I would just keep scrolling on my phone. They make looking at screens throughout the day a lot easier on the eyes and I expect to have less headaches. However, I do feel like the quality of the lenses are not very good. They seem hard to clean or that there is a glare of something. When I'm looking at my computer, I don't really notice it but I could not wear these glasses all day because they seem kind of foggy somehow. Overall, I would recommend them for a quick fix, but I'm sure there are better out there.
Good for the price.
I ordered this wallet for my husband. It's very soft and is exactly as shown. He loved it.
Got these for my husband after friends recommended them. He really loves these and wears them other places besides fishing.
I should have looked at the customer posted photos before buying this. Every shirt in 2 packs, all 12 shirts have excess seam. I'm sure my husband is going to get pretty annoyed wearing these. I have no idea if this is going to come apart in the wash.
Wear them everyday and night
Not real Gildans, cheap fakes. Material feels awful
Excellent replacement for the Duluth brand.
Soft and cushy sock but the toe seams manage to nag at your shoe and toes one way or another. Was ready to buy a bunch of these but instead will look for another brand. Seems like it should be so easy, no ?
This wallet is good for the price I recommended it
This underwear is made with good quality material and fits well.
Love them
Good fit
was a bit small
great value
The pants fit as expected. Are warm and comfortable and wash up well.
could be a little warmer, what % is cotton?
feels good
This cap is a well-fitted, high quality cap. Well fitting, good selection of colors, looks good. Would recommend to others.
Beautiful!!!! Simply love them
It had that leather bomber jacket look and it was really soft. I loved this purse! It is also designed to be great cross body. I'm really glad I have this a chance it was worth it.
I purchased the ROCO for a trip overseas, as a more secure approach from pick-pockets and the RFID blocking protection made for a convenient and cost-effective option. Like most guys, I've become used to my wallet in my back pocket, so it's been seemingly comfortable and I haven't thought of different options for replacement. When moving items into the ROCO for my trip, the number of credit cards, member cards, health card, license, etc. has now grown to be a "George Costanza" replica wallet and I was impressed a stack of 8-10 cards could easily fit in the ROCO for a convenient option with my travels. Sliding two room keys into the wallet was convenient when leaving our hotel room, and the inability to scan these keys over the door's key pad proved the RFID blocking protection was working -- I merely needed to push out the key card 3/4 out of the way for the door scan to work. I found that I could leave the card keys in the wallet all week with little need to fully remove them.

As others mentioned, the bands hold the case and cards tightly (I found the "ROCO" band was the only option to consider for any number of cards and would prefer to have two of these in the box as a future replacement band), and held at least 12 folded bills as a money clip too, with space for more on the other side of the wallet. Overall, I now find that I don't want to return to a back-pocket wallet that has meaning leaning in the car seat or chair, so I highly recommend the ROCO for it's simple convenience, brushed-aluminum styling, and overall slimming comparison to my traditional leather wallet.
Pretty good, but the cord to tighten them got lost in the first week and the pants started developing little balls