Very comfortable! Would like one with a silver buckle but doesnt seem to be an option?
I bought these hats in the L/XL size but they are still tight on my head. I have bought FlexFit hats before and the L/Xl always seemed to fit fine.
Nice material.. Very easy to cut to size. Buckles are stylish yet sturdy..
Nice medium weight sock.
Launders well and holds its shape.
My husband wouldn't wear them if he didn't need them but they work well and the only reason we had to buy a second pair was because he lost them in the lake. Maybe they need to be made floatable ;) He thinks he looks silly but that is just because they are bigger than he is used to.
Satisfied with purshase
My husband loves these because they fit his longer torso really well. He's not quite big/tall enough to wear the Big & Tall sizes, but these fit well.
Not sure what I expected. I purchased cheap sunglasses. Shocker. They were cheap sunglasses. I did like the lenses and the overall look, but unfortunately the frames cracked near the top of one of the lenses after just light use causing one of the lenses to fall out. Disappointing.
I like them, but thought they would be a tad thicker.
exactly what i bought
Ok, these work pretty well and kind of look like Carhart knock offs. I have a set of carhart suspenders and at twice the money are better but not doubly better. These aren't as quality, but I wear under my shirts to hold my trousers up and they work fine. I am 5-11 and 240. The suspenders are almost totally extended so if you are say 6-3 and 275 maybe look to a different set. That is why I gave 4 stars. They worked great for me though.
I am impressed with the new and improved finish on the buckles. Just hope they stand up to normal use another show too much wear.
Looks good online. It's not. "Trying" to return.....smh.
It's very comfortable and looks nice too .my 7 years old daughter loves it . She wears it for the camp .
Bigger than expected. Other than that it's fine. More like a diaper bag than a purse in my opinion. After I use if for a few days, who knows it may grow on me
Great wallet. Very thin. Very comfortable in my pocket. Slick bifold wallet design. Will definitely be using this style and company again.
My son loved these; but when putting his hands in the pockets, the pants ripped. not the seam, but the pants. This was disappointing; they can't be repaired.
So many pockets which is what I wanted. Long adjustable strap. I am 59 and its difficult to find crossbody straps long enough. This one I dont even have fully extended.
My husband loves the gold toe socks. He says they're cushy and they hold up very nicely.
best buy best Shirt i like these.
Delivers as advertised. My husband loves it. not cost prohibitive.
Good product, good price.
Has the texture and pliability of crumpled paper and is a size too big (if you want a large get a medium) NO pockets?!?!?! Mine went into the trash. 2 stars because at least its waterproof
I bought the shirt for the cooler months and expect it will fill the need very well.
Very Small need to return
My daughter had me get this so she could give half to her best friend, and they both love it. It's a cheap piece of jewelry, but looks great for the price.
Not what I need
This fit great. I was kind of worried because my husband is REALLY tall but they still at the knee. Very soft and GREAT material
are these were very good socks they came right on time and they are just fine I love them they feel good I wear them everyday well thank you