I really like these! Make out of quality material, feels good against my skin, fit well, and look great!!
Perfect fit for my tall teenager ., warm and cozy ., looks good and are decent quality
As expected, good price!
These longjohn bottoms fit just right. I only have two complaints. (1) The product came with two small holes approx 1" apart on the outer right leg cheek area. Didnt notice because I couldn't see them untill I really looked at the bottoms.
(2) They are not thick enough. I'm looking for heavy-duty. I really get cold!!!
First off this is not a front pocket minimalist wallet, at least from my view. It is really wide and tall which make it sit and look funny in front pocket. Actually uncomfortable. Good for the rear but that's not my style. It is thin and the inscription inside is nice, the only reason I'm keeping it is because it was a gift from my wife. I will not use it though. Wife was upset that it isn't a front pocket wallet and wanted me to send it back. Pic is of my current front pocket wallet compared to this. Hope this helps someone if your wanting a real minimalist front wallet.
Cloth material, was not expected
i wasnt sure it would fit my tablet since all the reviews i read ppl were using it for thier ipads but my samsung galaxy note tab fits perfectly inside. i have switched to using this purse full time even when im not taking my tablet with me,
the problem is wearing with glasses - even with venting feature for glass style this was used with ... steaming of lenses remained a problem. okay to use probably in future for lower level winter activities - did not work as hoped for warmth and protection last December for winter hiking in alberta canada
I ordered these a size larger than I normally would because I was trying to find a sock that would go on a broken leg that is still somewhat swollen. These fit the foot very nicely with no compression. The calf is a bit tighter and does show some compression rings in the skin after wearing for a while.
Good buy, good fit.
Authentic. Love them. And I got them shipped in two days and delivered on a Sunday, which was great.
It is ok. But way too big . It is perfect for big boned kids.
I ordered an small and its the size of a large, with the tag of an small.
Item was delivered with threads unraveled and could not be used
They were pretty when I bought them in June for my adult daughter. Didnt last 3 months before they broke.
Would not reccomend
Good quality at good price
Nice and light but still study
I love it!
Nice, is as advertised, very good and shipping. tks.
Appreciated the length, but these were much too scratchy for my taste. Maybe I'm overly sensitive, or too accustomed to softer shirts, but I was really uncomfortable in these. I ended up getting some longer Calvin Klein shirts from Costco that cost about 2.5x as much, and am much happier. Valuing my added comfort at even $0.01 an hour, over the life of an undershirt, and these just aren't worth it.
It was a present for my sister, she loved it. Beautiful design, good size and good quality.
My granddaughter loves this watch!!!
It doesnt stand on its own, which is good because I can throw it in the washer. Theres
no plastic or cardboard that makes it firm/stand. My little lunch bag and water botttle and small pouch fit in the bag. And the outside pocket fit my cellphone. perfect for a work bag(i work in a hospital)
Doesnt actually do anything. It gets wet, drips on your head but does nothing to "cool" you. I now just wear it as a hat I dont mind getting dirty. You would be better off with a bandanna on your head under a regular hat. It also doesn't breathe.
Great price for great panties
These earrings are so cute! I was worried about the quality when ordering but they are sturdy and look good while still being lightweight leather-looking. Definitely recommend!!
She likes it! Fits my daughter who's 5ft 4in. Fits perfect. She got a small size.
Super cute and good quality. I get so many Compliments.
Everything was as described. Excellent product for the price